Meaning of katsir



n. 1. catcher in baseball; 2. a woman who tends to get pregnant. Katsir kanang bayhána. Dílì hisaghirag bahag, That woman is very fertile. You must have to look at her to get her pregnant; 3. a woman who will accept any suitor if she can get something from him; 4. a person that hangs around restaurants to pick up the leavings of the diners; 4a. fish that eats anything. Ang bugáung katsir kaáyu, Jarbua is a fish that eats excrement; 5. not missing out on any gossip. Katsir kaáyung bayhána. Dì masipyatag tabì, That lady is good at ferreting out gossip; v. be, become a catcher in baseball, softball.