Meaning of káti, kátì

káti, kátì


v. 1. set something into motion by providing a stimulus or catalyst; 1a. use, lure something with a decoy or lure in hunting or fishing. Katíhun nákù ang núkus íning uwang-úwang, I’ll lure squids with this artificial shrimp. Kining ákung sunuy mauy ikáti sa mga ihás manuk, We’ll use my cock to lure wild chickens; 1b. win a big amount in gambling with a small starting bet. Nakakati (nakapangati) giyud kug bayinti sa ákung písu, I managed to win twenty pesos with my one peso; 2. prime a pump by pouring water in until suction is established. Dílì muágay nang bumbáha ug dílì katíhun (katíhan), That pump won’t work unless it is primed; 2a. induce vomiting. Katía ang íyang pagsúka arun isúka ang hilu, Induce him to vomit so that he will vomit out the poison; 2b. remove water that has gotten into the ears by priming with warm water. Kinahanglan inadlaw ang túbig nga mukáti sa túbig nga nahasulud sa dalunggan, Use warm water to get the rest of the water inside your ears out; 3. stir up emotions. Bantay ka lang sa ímung kakiriwan. Magkáti ka lang sa ákung pangísug, You’d better stop touching my things. You might stir up my anger. (→) n. 1. decoy; 2. water used to prime a water pump. katihan, paN- n. decoy, lure in fishing. katihanan n. place where one catches or traps game or fish by using a decoy or lure. maN-r- n. person who traps game. katikatiun, katìkatiun, katikatihun a. 1. for a woman to be provocative. Kanang bayhána katikatiun kaáyu sa íyang míni nga sinínà, That woman is provocative in her miniskirt; 2. inciting trouble, butting in to create trouble. Katìkatiun kang pagkatáwu. Dalì ra kang makaagig áway, You’re such a trouble-maker. It doesn’t take you long to find a quarrel.