Meaning of katay






v. 1. for plants to creep or climb onto something Nakakátay na ang kamúti sa tibuuk baul, The sweet potato vines have spread all over the field. Ang kural nga gikatáyan sa bágun, The fence the vines were climbing on. 2. for news, fire, and the like to spread. Mikátay dáyun ang balità, The news spread quickly all over the place. Dakùdakung lunà ang gikatáyan sa súnug, The fire spread over a wide area. pina- n. longhand writing. ka- v. for something to trail in a scattered way behind something moving forward. Nagkakátay ang tinái sa hidunggaban, The intestines of the stabbing victim trailed behind him. -an(→), -ánan n. something on which vines climb.