Meaning of kasku



n. 1. the framework and the main structure of something without appendages. Kasku sa sakayan, The hull of the boat. Kasku sa kutsi, The body of the car. Kasku sa táwu, The torso of a man. Kasku sa muskitíru, Walling of the mosquito net; 2. a blunt-bowed wooden boat with square stern about 30′ long, towed or with a sail, used for lightering or for river or coastal transport. It is so called because it consists of little more than a hull; v. build the basic structure of something, use as the basic structure. Wà pa ku makakasku sa ákung muskitíru kay wà pa kuy ilangitlángit, I haven’t made the sides of the mosquito net because I don’t have materials for the top.