Meaning of kasa



v. bet on something or an amount. Mukasa ka sa ákung manuk? Will you bet on my cock? Kasahan kug usa ka líbu si Ilurdi, I’ll bet one thousand pesos on Elorde. Pilay ímung ikasa? How much do you bet?



n. 1. business firm; 2. commercial building. — digubyirnu government building. — riyal the term given during the Spanish regime to refer to the building in which government offices were located.



v. 1. produce a crackling, rustling sound. Nagkásà ang mga ilagà sa táas sa atup, The rats are rustling up in the roof. Ayawg kasáa (ikásà) ang pagkúmut sa mga papil, Do not make the papers crackle when you crumple them; 2. talk loudly, too garrulously. Mukásà nà siya basta náay babáying mamínaw níya, He talks a lot and loud when there are women listening. Ngánung nakásà man mu dinhà? What are you chattering about over there? n. 1. crackling, rustling sound; 2. preparation for a party, esp. cooking, as evidenced by noise. May kásà sa íla. May kumbira dagway, There’s the noise of preparations at their house. They must be planning a party; a. a chatterbox, talking too much.