Meaning of kárag



v. 1. wander about. Imbis ka magkárag, maáyu pang magtuun ka, Instead of wandering about, you’d do better to study. Unsa pay inyung karágun, gabíi nang dakù? What do you all want to go out for when it’s already night? 2. do in a hurry, right away. Mikárag siyag trabáhu pag-abut sa íyang agálun, She rushed back to her work when her mistress arrived. (→), -an(→) a. 1. restless, given to wandering. Karagan (karag) siya. Dílì magpuyù sa balay, He is restless. He does not stay at home; 2. for women to go out or deport themselves uninhibitedly (with lots of motion, gestures) in a way deemed unsuitable for women. Karagan (karag) nímu à! Ayawg yapayapa ug musulti ka, How immodest you are! Don’t throw your arms around when you talk; 2a. for a top to jump about instead of spinning steadily. Karag (karagan) kaáyu nang ímung kasing, Your top moves about as it spins; 3. — sa mga babáyi tending to go after women; v. 1. get to be restless, wandering, uninhibited; 2. for a top to jump instead of spin steadily.