Meaning of káhuy



n. 1. tree; 2. wood, firewood; 3. búngang — fruit tree; v. 1. obtain firewood. Nakakahuy (nakakáhuy) giyud mi sa ginubà sa ámung balay, We had firewood when our house was demolished; 2. make into firewood. Kahúyun nátù ning gubang kural, We’ll make this broken fence into firewood; 3. steal by picking the pocket (slang). Gikáhuy ang íyang pitáka didtu sa Kulun, someone picked his wallet downtown. (→) v. for muscles to get stiff with fatigue. Nagkahuy ang ákung abága sa pagpinas-ag kupras, My shoulders are stiff from carrying sacks of copra. paN- v. 1. cut down and gather firewood. Didtu sila mangáhuy sa búkid, They were in the mountains gathering firewood; 2. take parts from an engine. Gipangahúyan níla ang trák daut, They cannibalized the broken-down truck; 3. steal by picking. Ang babáying gipangahúyan sa íyang trisintus, The woman who had three hundred stolen from her. pangahuykáhuy v. for muscles to get stiff with fatigue. Undang na tag pangarga kay nangahuykáhuy na ang ákung háwak, Let’s stop loading now because my waist is getting stiff. -in- n. 1. fuel gathered; 2. something shoplifted, cannibalized. ka-an(→) n. woods. maN-r-/l-(→) n. woodcutter. kahuykahuy n. kind of weed roughly resembling a full grown tree in structure, growing up to 1½′, the leaves of which are used as a poultice to stop bleeding. tig- n. 1. log with branches cut off; 2. twigs; v. gather, cut down wood for firewood. Mitigkáhuy ku sa íyang tinápuk, I gathered the wood he had piled up. talig- n. see tigkáhuy; v. gather logs for a house. Manaligkáhuy ta. Magbáy ra ba ta, Let’s gather logs because we’re going to build a house. -un a. coarse, like wood.