Meaning of káham



v. 1. touch with the whole hand. Ang mukáham sa pagkáun manghunaw, Whoever touches food should wash his hands. Ikáham (kaháma) ang íyang líug kun gihilantan ba, Feel her neck to see if she has a fever; 2. touch for sexual purposes. Dúnay báyut nga nangáham nákù sa sinihan, A homosexual tried to touch me in the movie house; 3. steal. Wà hibaw-i ang mikáham sa mga aláhas, No one knows who stole the jewelry. -in- a. something that is one’s favorite. Ang kináham kung pagkáun, My favorite food. Kináham níyang basahúnun, His favorite reading matter. Kináham níyang prugráma, His favorite program; v. become one’s favorite.