Meaning of kadtu



short form: tu; 1. that (far from speaker and hearer). Kadtung balay sa unáhan kang Husi, That house up ahead is Joe’s. 1a. he, she (far away). Wà man gud tu makasabut sa ákung sulti, He did not get what I said; 2. that one that was past in time. Ngánu man kadtu? Why did that happen? Kadtung ákung giingun, What I said; 2a. that was the case. Dihà kadtuy higayun nga ..., It happened one time that ... 2b. he, she (referring to a person remote in time). Nagtúu ang mga tulisan nga kadtu patay na, The bandits believed that he was already dead; 3. followed by a verb: that time when. Kadtung musumbag na siya, mulikay pud ku, When he would strike me, I would also dodge; 4. the ones, those that are. Kadtung nakaapil na walay lábut áning duláa, Those who have already tried it once are not to take part this time. niadtu 1. gen.: of that. Ang tag-íya niadtung sakayána, The owner of that boat; 2. dat.: to, on that. Ihátag niadtung tawhána, Give it to that man. Niadtung adláwa migíkan siya pára sa Manílà, On that day he left for Manila; 3. formerly short for kaniadtu. adtu see niadtu. naadtu see niadtu.