Meaning of kadína



n. chain. Kadína sa bisiklíta, Bicycle chain; v. 1. form a chain, cause something to do so. Magkadína kitag búlak, Let’s join these flowers in a chain. Kadináhun nátù ning mga lastiku, We’ll make a chain out of these rubber bands; 2. shackle with chains. Átù ning kadináhan arun lisud ablíhun, Shackle it with chains to make it difficult to open. — pirpituwa n. life imprisonment. — diamur n. kind of small, leafy vine of waste places with tiny pink or white odorless flowers: Antigonon leptopus. — wib n. kind of weave in a series of interlocking chain stitches. Ang muskitírung kadína wib dílì mahilhig, The threads in a mosquito net that is woven with chain stitches cannot be pushed apart. kadiníta n. tiny chain worn as jewelry.