Meaning of kabya



v. 1. move something with a heavy sweeping motion of the arms as in moving water with a paddle or splashing. Mukabya kag kusug arun matúlin ang barútu, Paddle hard to make the boat go fast. Ikabya (kabyáha) ngari ang gabayan arun ákung maabut, Splash the waterwings this way so I can reach them; 1a. move something light with a sweeping motion. Mikabya siya sa kurtína arun sa paglìlì, She moved the curtain aside to peep outside; 2. fling water or grains out or into something Huy, kinsa may nagkabya ug túbig sa lagúna? Hey, who threw water out onto the lawn? Ayawg kabyáhig balas ang asíras, Don’t throw sand onto the sidewalk; 2a. toss a ball to a teammate using this kind of motion; n. action of sweeping with the arms or flinging.