Meaning of kábu



n. 1. foreman. Ang ákung amahan mauy kábu sa trabáhu sa karsáda, My father is the foreman on the highway construction; 2. corporal in an armed force; v. be, become a foreman or corporal.



v. 1. dip water, scoop solids out of a container. Kabuun ta ning túbig sa tangki, Dip the water out of the tank. Ayawg ikabù ang ímung básu sa bugas, Don’t use your glass to scoop the rice out; 1a. take in some water in tilting to one side. Pagtakílid sa barku, nakakabù giyug diyútayng túbig, When the ship listed, it took in some water in the process; 2. fetch water. Túa siya sa atábay, nagkabù, He’s at the well, fetching water; 3. make, use as water dipper; n. something used as a dipper or scoop. kab-anan n. 1. container for fetching water; 2. place from which water is fetched; 3. something used to dip or scoop up. paN- v. catch fish fry with a dip net. Mangabù mig bangus páras púnung, We will catch the fry of milkfish with a dip net for the fishpond.