Meaning of kabir



v. make a profit. Dakug makabir ang nigusyung ismagling, There’s a big profit to be made in the smuggling business. Bay-ansil mauy ákung nigusyung nakabiran, I made profit in the business of buying and selling.



n. cover; v. 1. put a cover on something Kabíri ang libru arun dì mahúgaw, Put cover on the book so it won’t get dirty; 2. protect oneself from blows with the hands. Mukábir siya dáyun kun dyában, He covers immediately if his opponent jabs him; 3. cover the ball in a volleyball game. Páwul kay síku ímung gikábir, Foul! You covered the ball with your elbow. kabirkábir v. dílì, walà — fail to keep something concealed, be direct where propriety requires the opposite. Sa walay kabirkábir íya akung gihingawátan, Without beating around the bush, he accused me of being a thief.