Meaning of ka-un



affix added to nouns which refer to a time of day or of life to form nouns which mean ‘period of time that it is (so-and-so).’ Kagabhíun, In the evening time. Manunggù ang mananagat sa sayung kabuntágun, The fishermen return in the early hours of the morning. Pribinihig kwarta ang ímung katigulangun, Set money aside for your old age. Kamatáyun, Death.



1. affix added to verbs which refer to personal feelings to form adjectives which mean ‘be on the verge of, feel that one is going to do and cannot keep himself from it.’ Kahilakun kaáyu ku, I was on the verge of tears. Kaihiun ku, I have to urinate very urgently; 1a. affix added to words referring to meteorological phenomena to form adjectives which mean (such-and-such) an event is about to burst forth. Kaulanun kaáyu run, It’s just about to burst into rain now; 2. affix added to adjectives which refer to a state to form noun which refer to the achievement of the state. Way katagbawun, There’s no satisfaction. Way katapusun ning trabahúa, There’s no end to this job.