Meaning of istádu



n. 1. situation. Ang istádu mau ni: pagsulud nákù sa lawak dihay babáyi nga naghigdà sa katri, The situation was this: when I entered the room there was a woman lying on the bed; 2. state, condition something is in. Pag-abut nákù nagkayamúkat na ang istádu sa mga mwiblis, When I arrived, the furniture was in a state of disarray. Wà na sa istádu ang ákung ámu, My master is acting strangely; 2a. civil status. Unsay ímung istádu, minyù u ulitáwu? What’s your civil status, married or single? 3. married, settled, and thus not free to run around. Ngánung mangulitáwu pa man ka nga istádu na man ka? Why do you run after women when you are married?