Meaning of ispáda



n. 1. sword. Nagsingkì ang ílang duha ka ispáda, Their two swords clanged against each other; 2. the best swordsman in a place. Sila ang upat ka ispáda sa Kastilya, They are the four swordsmen of Castille; 3. the sword in Spanish cards; 4. variety of large, bland pepper shaped like a sword, about 4″ long. -in- a. 1. like a sword. Inispáda nga dáhun, Sword-shaped leaf; 2. see ispáda, 4. — diúru ornamental reed-like herb consisting of long, green, spear-shaped leaves with a yellow edge and white splotches in the middle: Sansevieria trifasciata var. Laurentii. — disambuwangga variety with no splotches. — nga isdà see díwit.