Meaning of -íru



1. affix added to words referring to an action not approved of to form adjectives meaning ‘one who is fond of engaging in (such-and-such) an action’. Salsalíru, One who is fond of masturbating. Hambugíru, Braggart; 2. added to words referring to things with which one can make his living to form nouns which mean ‘one who engages in (such-and-such) an occupation’. Lab-asíru, Fish vendor. Labandíru, Laundryman.



n. dog. suul sa — stomach spasm. Nagligidligid siya sa kasakit kay dúna siyay suul sa irù, He was doubled up in pain because he had stomach cramps. dílì makáun ug — treating people in an unacceptable and completely obnoxious way. Kasábà nga dílì makáug irù, A scolding not even acceptable for a dog (harsh and ranging far beyond the alleged offense); a. greedy to the point of eating food which people ordinarily wouldn’t eat. Kay irù ka man mukáun ka sa ransiyung karni, Because you are so gluttonous, you’ll even eat rancid meat. b. greedy over something one loves very much. Irù kaáyu siyag sini, She loves movies very much. — nga daug a. cowardly, yellow; v. 1. be, become gluttonous; 2. become a slave to an overpowering emotion (become oblivious to shame, like a dog). Gugma mauy nakairù (nakapairù) sa aláut nga babáyi, Love had made the poor woman a slave to her passions. (←) v. make notions of giving something but actually not doing so. Ayaw kug irúa. Ug ihátag, ihátag. Ug dílì, ayaw, Don’t you make pretenses of giving. If you want to give it to me, give it. If not, don’t. -in- v. do something like a dog. Ganáhan siya muinirù, silbing palain, She wants to do the dog position for variety. irùírù v. court a woman by hanging around her. Nag-irùírù nà siya nákù sa dága pa ku, He used to hang around me when I was still single; n. broken-off piece of white coral, roughly resembling a dog in shape. irùirúay n. kind of game in which the players throw a stone at a can in a circle and try to knock it out.