Meaning of intráda



n. 1. opening, beginning portion of. Ang intráda sa únang simistri Hulyu 15, The first day of classes for the first semester will be on July 15. Ang pasiuna náa sa intráda sa libru, The preface is in the first few pages of the book; 2. the front part of the foot, starting at where the foot widens before the toes; 2a. vamp, part of a boot or shoe covering the intráda; 3. area at the nape of the neck where one begins making the haircut; 4. entrance fee. — hiniral general admission in places of entertainment; 5. area that serves as an entrance. Salída ni. Túa sa pikas ang intráda, This is the exit. The entrance is on the other side; v. 1. be at the beginning. Ang simistri muintráda sa Lúnis, The semester starts on Monday. Giintradáhan ni Pilíta ug kinatsilang áwit ang íyang pasundáyag, Pilita started her show with a Spanish number; 2. put a vamp in a shoe; 3. make the beginning cuts in a haircut.