Meaning of ílug



v. 1. take away from someone’s possession. Nakailug kug búla, I managed to get a ball away from him. Ilúgun nákù basta dì ihátag, I will take it away from you if you do not give it to me. 1a. — ug lugar 1a1. occupy more space than necessary. 1a2. for a moving vehicle to run another vehicle out of its lane by cutting in on him or coming against him; 2. fight for possession of someone or something Bukug nga giilúgan sa duha ka irù, The bone the two dogs were fighting over; 3. overcome. Bisag unsáun kug tuun, muílug giyud ang katulúgun, No matter how hard I study, sleep overcomes me. 3a. — sa bandíra v. manage to marry a man who has a large number of sweethearts. Ayaw na lang ug pangabubhu ánang mga karáang trátu sa ímung bána. Tutal ikaw may nakailug sa bandíra, You need not get jealous about your husband’s former sweethearts. After all, you were the one he married; 4. cut in on a conversation. ‘Dì nà mau,’ miílug si Pidru, ‘That is not the one,’ Pedro broke in. 4a. include something s.w. where it wouldn’t normally be included. Iílug ra kinig pasa, While you’re ironing would you touch this up quickly? 4b. take time out to do something Ilúga ra gud ni ug laba, Take off a minute to wash this; 5. — sa yáwà completely forget something important which one was about to say. Walà giyud kuy nabungat nga mga maáyung rasun. Giílug ug hurut sa yáwà. Napildi hinúun kus kásu, I never did get my good arguments out. I completely forgot what I was going to say, so I lost the case; n. action of grabbing. (→) see ílug, v 4a, b. -an(→) a. tending to grab things from others. -in-, -in-(→) n. 1. odds favorite in gambling. Adtu ku pusta sa inílug, I’ll bet on the favored cock; 2. popular, sought after. Si Núra Unur inílug sa mga prudyúsir, The producers fight each other to get Nora Aunor. -in-an n. merchandise which is highly popular (things which people fight with each other to get). Inilúgan kaáyu ang pán ni Tínung, Tinong’s bread is very popular. -un(→) a. be in short supply. Ilugun kaáyu ang ákung panahun, I have very little time; n. the upper part of the small intestines which are rolled up. siN-un(→) a. see ilugun, a.