Meaning of ikstra



n. 1. shorts in a movie; 2. bit player in a movie; 3. one who pinch-hits for someone on a blue-collar job; 4. something extra which isn’t being used. Wà ka bay ikstrang papil dihà? Don’t you have any extra paper there you’re not using? v. 1. show shorts with a movie; 2. be an extra in a movie; 3. pinch-hit for someone in his absence. Muikstra ku sa mga draybir nga nasakit, I pinch-hit for drivers who are sick; 3a. use something belonging to someone while he is not using it (slang). Muikstra ku sa ímung bisiklíta ha? May I play with your bicycle? 4a. add something extra. Ang púlu nga ákung gidá giikstráhan ug duha sa ákung asáwa, My wife added two extra shirts to the one I took with me.