Meaning of iksihir



v. 1. force or oblige one to do something Iksihirun ka giyud pagpaámut, You will be forced to contribute to it. 2. inquire, investigate to get complete information about something Dì ka mag-iksihir sa kinabúhì sa uban, Do not pry into other people’s lives. Iksihia ug unsa giyuy nahitabù, Find out what really happened; 2a. be solicitous about someone, care for. Dílì kaáyu siya muiksihir niánang mga batáa kay ábi dílì man íyang anak, She doesn’t concern herself about those children because they aren’t hers anyway. iksihídu a. solicitous about someone’s needs and well-being. Iksihídu siyang pagkamaistra, mu rag tinúud inahan sa mga bátà, She is a solicitous teacher as if her pupils were her own children; v. become solicitous about someone’s well-being.