Meaning of igwad



a. having protruding buttocks. Igwad siyag lubut, She has a big ass; v. have prominent buttocks, stick out the buttocks. Naigù ang ákung itlug, nangigwad man gud nang tawhána, The man hit me in the testicles with his rump. igwad-igwad v. move in a wavy, rolling motion with the rump going up and down, wiggle the buttocks. Ang íyang sakayan nag-igwad-igwad nga naglutaw sa dagkung balud, His boat tossed up and down riding on the huge waves. Nindut kaáyu siyang tan-áwun nga nag-igwad-igwad samtang nagsáyaw, She is beautiful to watch, wiggling her buttocks as she dances. -in- n. action of wiggling the buttocks.