Meaning of ig-l-



affix added to verb bases to form nouns which are parallel in meaning to the instrumental passive verb affix (i-). 1. thing to be conveyed, brought, etc. Mau kini ang mga saput nga ighalatag sa mga pubri, These are the clothes to be given to the poor people; 1a. thing to be asked, said, etc. Dúna tà kuy igpalangutana, apan natubag na man, I had some questions to ask, but you answered them already; 2. thing to be used for. Sinínang igtalarabahu, Working dress. Igbalátil sa itlug, Eggbeater; 3. time to do something Taknang igpalahúlay, The siesta hour; 3a. being good, bad, hot, etc. to (do). Ig-aladtu giyud ning ákung ginháwa, I felt very much like going.