Meaning of humut



a. 1. sweet-smelling. Humut nga búlak, Fragrant flowers. Humut nga bàbà, Sweet-smelling mouth. Humut nga pagkáun, Good-smelling food; 2. for someone to be dear to one despite his bad traits. Daghan siyag bisyu apan humut siya gihápun kanákù, He has lots of vices, but I love him all the same; v. be, become pleasant-smelling. pa- v. make someone or something pleasant-smelling. Magpahumut ta kay mangadtu tas bayli, Let’s put on perfume because we’re going to a dance. Pahumti ang kík ug banilya, Flavor the cake with vanilla; n. something used to make something pleasant-smelling. -an(←) kind of aromatic herb, similar in appearance to sangig but sweeter in smell. ka- n. pleasant smell. ma- a. very sweet-smelling. -un a. of a sweet-smelling sort.



v. 1. seriously plan to do something of a momentous nature. Aku gánì makahúmut pagpatay, tinuúrun giyud nákù, If I plan to kill, I’ll kill, believe me. 2. seriously think about buying something Dúgay na kung naghúmut ánang rilúha, I have long been obsessed by the thought of buying that watch.