Meaning of húmuk



a. 1a. soft, not rigid or hard. Húmuk nga yútà, Soft earth. Húmuk nga unlan, A soft pillow; 1b. tender, not tough or hard. Húmuk na ang linat-an, The stewed meat is tender now; 2. easy to do something to. Húmuk mabálì, Easy to break. Húmuk siya tudlúan, It’s easy to teach her. Húmuk siyang dad-ug baylíhan, She is easy to lead in dancing; 2a. easily affected by something, easily made to do something Húmuk ra nang bayhána pasugtun, That girl is easy to win over. Húmuk siyang masukù, He easily gets angered. Húmuk ug balatían nang tiguwánga. Manggihatágun kaáyu sa mga pubri, That old man is kindhearted. He is very generous to the poor; 3. supple in mind, easily adaptable. Húmuk kaáyu ug láwas nga bayhána. Maáyung musáyaw, The lady is graceful. She dances well. Húmuk siyag salabútan; dalì rang musabut, She is intelligent; she easily understands; 4. í nga — a. letter a as opposed to e (in English). b. letter e as opposed to i (in Spanish). — ug ilung 1. easily influenced, told to do something Húmuk siyag ilung kay bísag kinsa ray musúgù, He lets himself be led around by the nose. He does whatever anyone tells him to do. 2. for girls to give in easily to the advances of men; v. 1; a. soften; become soft. b. do something in a soft way. Humúka kanà paglútù, Cook it soft; 2. make something supple, adaptable. pahumukhúmuk v. pretend to go along with something Nagpahumukhúmuk ang administrasiyun sa mga dimanda, balubálu wà diay, The administration pretended to go along with the demands, but when the time came, nothing was granted. paN- n. something used to soften something -un(→) a. of a soft, supple type.