Meaning of hugpung



v. 1. take long things in the two hands and bunch them together. Hugpúnga ang ímung buhuk, Tie your hair into a bunch; 1a. do something by the whole bunch. Hugpúngun (ihugpung) pagtanyag ang tulu ka mátang sa tablíta, The three kinds of tablets are offered as a group; 2. unite together in a group. Hugpúngun (ihugpung) nátù ang mga mamumuu, Let’s organize the laborers into a union; n. 1. bunch, a number of long things of the same kind tied in a bunch. Usa ka hugpung nga sibúyas, A bunch of green onions; 2. a group of people having a common purpose or interest. Hugpung nga pulitikanhun, A political faction. ka-an n. group of people having something in common.