Meaning of hugnù



v. for structures to collapse, cause them to do so. Mahugnù ang taytáyan ug mabug-atan, The bridge will collapse if too heavy a weight passes over it. Nagkahugnù na ang balayng karáan, The house is about to collapse because it is so old; 1a. for a person to collapse. Nahugnù siya pagkadungug sa balità, She collapsed when she heard the news; 1b. for hopes, peace, life to collapse. Nahugnù ang ílang kalípay pagkamatay sa bátà, When their child died, their happiness was destroyed. Hugnúun ku ang íyang pagláum sa ákung balíbad, I’ll refuse him and destroy his hopes. Nahugnù ang kagamhánan tungud sa mga kumunista, The government was toppled because of the communists; 3. harvest coconuts. Maghugnù (magpahugnù) mi sa lubi káda trimistri, We harvest the coconuts every four months; n. yield of coconuts. Dyis míl ang hugnù sa kalubinhan, The coconut plantation has a yield of ten thousand nuts.