Meaning of hugna






n. one of a series of events or subdivisions in a sporting event. Únang hugnà sa lumbà sa bisiklíta, The first lap of the bicycle race. Ang únang hugnà sa íyang pánaw, The first leg of his trip. Ang ikaduhang hugnà sa súlung, The second phase of the assault. hugnàhugnà v. 1. do something by laps, installments. Hugnàhugnáun nátug túkud ang taytáyan, Let’s construct the bridge in phases; 2. make repeated attempts. Gihugnàhugnáan na nákung iprinda ning singsínga, I’ve made repeated attempts to pawn this ring (without much success). 3. for rain to fall heavily at short intervals. Ayaw na lang panghayhay kay naghugnàhugnà ang ulan, Don’t hang out the wash because it is showering; n. something that comes at intervals, e.g., rain showers.