Meaning of hubung



v. 1. hide, keep out of sight. Mihubung ang adlaw luyu sa búkid, The sun hid behind the mountain. Lasang nga ámung gihubngan, The jungle we hid in. 1a. for something different to lurk behind what appears. Ang íyang pahiyum gihubngan sa pagdumut, Hatred lurked behind his smile; 2. for the one who is ‘it’ in hide-and-seek to cover his face. Samtang maghubung ka, ayaw ug lìlì, When you cover your face, don’t peek; n. turn to hide one’s face in hide-and-seek. pa- v. put something out of sight. pina- n. weapon hidden for emergency purposes.



a. full and plump. Húbung ning mga síku, These sapodillas are nice and plump; v. full and rounded. Magkahúbung ang láwas sa babáying maghinága, The body of a girl becomes full and rounded as she approaches adolescence.