Meaning of hípus



v. 1. gather something up and put it away; 1a. put something away so as not to lose it. Nakahípus ka ug sulat didtus lamísa? Did you put away a letter that was on the table? 1b. save money. Maghípus tag diyutayng kwarta pára sa byáhi, Let’s save some money for the trip; 2. make up beds. Kamuy muhípus sa inyung katri, dílì aku, You make your beds, not me. 3. put things away for the night. Kinsa may muhípus sa mga kanding didtus lagúna? Who will bring the goats in from the pasture? Hipúsa ang gibulad nga mais, Gather up the corn that was dried in the sun. Sa nahípus na ang mga bátà, When the children were put into bed; 4. fold up, draw in the limbs or their analogues on manufactured objects. Mikáyaw ang ayruplánu nga walà mahípus ang ligid, The airplane took off without retracting its wheels. Hipúsa ang ímung tiil, ayawg ipasayà sa agiánan, Draw in your feet. Don’t let them spread out into the walkway; 5. collect, gather and form a composite whole. Mau ni ang balità nga nahípus karung adláwa, These are the news we gathered today; 6. kill, do away with. Kay siya may nagbalità ngadtu sa pulis, gihípus siya sa mga ismaglir, Because he sang to the police the smugglers did away with him; 7. take in a certain amount. Sa pamaligyà muhípus mi ug dyis mil adlaw-adlaw, We take in ten thousand in sales every day; 8. become neat and orderly; a. neat and orderly. Hípus kaáyu ang kwartu, The bedroom is tidy. — ug nawung a. have a grave and composed expression; v. for the face to become composed. Nagpanghipus (nagkahipus) na ang nawung sa himalatyun, The dying man’s face is gradually becoming composed. paN- 1; v. get ready for a trip. Nanghípus ku pára sa byáhi ugmà, I am preparing for the trip tomorrow; 2. for a womb to make preparations for childbirth with false pains and a small discharge of blood. Manghiugmà pang ianak ning tiyána, Nagpanghipus pa lang ni, This baby won’t be born before some time tomorrow. It’s only making preparations at this point. hipushípus of a sort that can be folded up and stored. Síyang hipushípus, Folding chairs. -ánan n. place for storing things for the night or for a while. -l-un(→), -un(→), -únun n. things to be kept, put out of the way, or gathered up for the night. kahipsan, kahilipsan n. tools or instruments for a certain trade. manggi-un a. tending to put things away where they are safe.