Meaning of hingkud



a. 1a. for a person to be full-grown, completely matured. Hingkud nga dalága, A fully grown young lady. Sini álang sa mga hingkud, A movie for adults; 1b. be exactly at a certain age, around the age of maturity; 1c. — ang salabútan have an adult’s understanding; 2. for fruits borne by plants that bear fruit once and die to reach maturity. Hingkud na ang púsù. Maáyu nang sanggíun, The corn is full-grown now. We should harvest it. 3. for a stretch of time to be just long enough. Hingkud na ang panahun sa panimalus, The time is ripe for revenge; v. 1. get to be matured, a full (so-and-so) many years old. Muhingkud kung bayinti anyus ugmà, I will be exactly twenty years old tomorrow; 2. for time to get matured.