Meaning of hílut



v. 1. massage, pull the bones for medicinal purposes. A wide variety of symptoms are treated by hílut ranging from swellings and fractures to fevers and pains. Maáyu siyang muhílut ug piang, He is good in setting dislocated joints. Kamau siyang muhílut ug bátang suhì, He knows how to massage a baby that is upside down in the womb. Hilúta ang tampihak, Massage the temples; 2. repair personal relations. Kadalì rang mahílut ang gikabangían sa duruha, It will be easy to settle their differences; 3. repair a defect with makeshift methods. Dílì mahílut ning dipiktúha kinahanglan ilísan ang písa, There is no way to take care of this defect without replacing the part; 4. stretch a failing grade near the borderline to allow the student to pass; n. action of massaging. Dílì madá sa hílut, Massage can’t take care of it. maN-r-, mag-r- n. folk doctor who treats by massaging.