Meaning of hilus



v. 1. for something tied securely in place to slip off, move out of place by sliding. Nakabuhì ang kanding kay mihilus ang sinumpayan sa písì, The goat escaped because the knot which tied the two pieces of rope slipped off. Nahilus ang ákung pagkuput sa sanga, I lost my hold on the branch; 2. for the skin to get burnt by heat or chafing action. Nahilusan (nahilus) ákung buktun sa túbig ínit, My arm got burnt with the hot water. Nagkahilus ákung pálad pagpinugung sa pasul, My palm is getting chafed from trying to hold the fishing line; 3. peel off something hard after loosening it by dipping it in boiling water. Dì pa makahilus nang tubíga sa kuku sa bábuy kay dì pa búkal, That water can’t get the pig’s hooves loose because it is not boiling; 3a. for one’s whole being be scorched (literary). Midukù si Magda kay daw nahilus siya sa tinan-awan ni Migil, Magda seemed to melt under Miguel’s fiery gaze; n. inflammation of the skin caused by burning or chafing. Hilus gumíkan sa hapin, Diaper rash. paN- v. for the skin to peel as the result of burning or chafing. -in- water taken off of boiled rice before it is fully cooked.