Meaning of hílum



a. 1. silent, quiet; 2. secret, not overt. Hílum nga gugma, Secret love. Naghilak siya sa hílum, He cried in secret; v. 1. be silent, quiet. Kun dílì mu muhílum sa klási, If you do not keep quiet in class. Nahílum ang mga trabahadur pag-abut sa purman, The workers stopped talking when the foreman arrived; 2. keep something secret, hush something up. Hilúma lang ang nahitabù, Hush up the incident. Ihílum ning ákung isulti nímu, ha, Keep what I’m going to tell you for yourself. Hustu na ning dus syintus ihílum sa pulis, Two hundred pesos is enough to shut the cop up. 3. for a court case to peter out. Ambut ngánu, apan nahílum man lang tung ílang kásu, I don’t know why, but their case was just sort of fizzled out; 4. do something secretly or in silence. Mihílum siya paggawas sa kwartu, He sneaked out of the room. Hilúma pagkúhà ang yáwi ni Máma, Get the key from Mother on the sly. (→) Shut up! Hilum dihà! Shut up! paka-(→) v. keep quiet, remain silent. Nagpakahilum na lámang si Míla sa usa ka suuk, Mila just remained silent in a corner. ka- n. silence. ma-un a. peaceful and quiet. -un(→), ma-un(→) a. not given to talking.