Meaning of hilu



n. poison ingested; v. 1. poison something or someone Kinsay naghilu sa irù? Who poisoned the dog? 1a. poison someone by magical means. Manghilu sila pinaági sa tayhup, They poison people by blowing on them; 2. give someone bad or wrong ideas about something Kinsay mihilu nímu bátuk nákù? Who poisoned your mind against me? Gihiluan níya ákung hunàhúnà báhin sa pagpalit ug awtu, He gave me the bad idea of buying a car; 3. commit suicide by taking poison. Naghilu siya kay gibulagan sa trátu, He poisoned himself because he was jilted. (←) v. 1. kill with poison. Ang tubli makahílu sa isdà, The derris plant kills fish by poisoning them; 2. be physically affected by a stench. Báhung makahílu, A stench that knocks you over. hilúan n. one who practices magical poisoning. One becomes a hilúan only by killing a member of his own family and must continue killing at a specified rate to stay alive and healthy.



n. thread. — dikaríta n. spool of thread. — nga pinalus n. skein thread.



n. expression used upon answering the phone: hello; v. say hello on the phone.