Meaning of hilis






v. 1. for something to lose part of its bulk by melting, friction, dissolution; cause something to do so. Ang batuung karsáda muhílis ug gúma, A rough road wears tires down. Muhílis ang yílu ug hiinitan, Ice melts if you leave it in the sun. Ang ihirsisyu makapahílis (makahílis) sa tambuk, Exercise gets rid of fat. Hilísa (pahilísa) ang tablíta sa túbig, Let the tablet dissolve in the water; 2. digest. Wà ku kahilísi sa ákung gikaun, I didn’t digest my dinner; 3. feel small. Nahílis ku sa kaúlaw, I felt small on account of my shame. (→) 1. worn down, having part melted away. Hilis ug tikud ang sapátus, The shoes are worn down at the heels; 2. backing down in a fight. Hilis ming tanan ánang bagísa, We’re all scared of that toughie; 3. expression promising harm to someone Hilis giyud mu nákù ug inyu kung sulayan, You’ll see what I’m like (lit. you’ll be worn down) if you test me; v. back down in a fight, cause someone to do so. -in-an(→) n. fatty flesh cooked until the fat melts and only a hard crust remains.