Meaning of higut



v. 1a. tie something up. Higti ang irù arun dì kapaak, Tie the dog up so it can’t bite; 1b. tie something to something Ihigut ang manuk sa kural, Tie the chicken to the fence. Ihigut ang dúyan sa káhuy, Tie the hammock to the tree; 1c. — sa pilitína for a man to be married (lit. tied to the apron strings) (humorous). Gihigtan na nà sa pilitína, He’s already hitched; 1d. — sa trabáhu be tied to one’s work. Wà ku kaduaw nímu kay nahigut ku sa trabáhu, I was not able to visit you because I was completely tied up. 2. be coiled around something Sawa nga naghigut sa sanga, A snake that was coiled around the branch; 3. raise a gamecock. Manghigut kug mga igtalarì, I’ll raise gamecocks; 4. tie up money; 4a. for an amount of money to be tied up in something Nahigut ákung puhúnan sa nigusyu, My capital is tied up in the business. Nahigtan níyag tris ang ákung diyis, Three pesos of the ten I won belong to him. (Lit. Three pesos of his are tied up to my ten.) 4b. have money tied in a common amount to dispense with making change (as for example, in gambling where money keeps changing hands). Nagkahígut mi áring diyis, Our money is all included in that ten peso bill; 4c. give an advance partial payment of the bride price (refundable if the marriage fails to go through). Mangulitáwu ka ánang bayhána nga gihigtan na? Are you going to court that woman, when a partial payment of the bride price has already been given? 5. hang oneself. Maghigut nà siya ug dì nímu sugtun, He’ll hang himself if you don’t accept him; 6. make a fishing net. Ang púkut nga íyang gihigut, The net he wove; n. 1. something used to tie up. 2. amount tied up in something: in business, in a common, fund, in a bride price; 3. noose in hanging. pa- v. 1. — sa asáwa be henpecked (lit. allow one’s wife to tie him up). 2. — sa pilitína for a man to get married (allow himself to get tied to an apron string). Dì ku magpahigut sa pilitína, I won’t get hitched. higtanan n. place something is tied. tigúlang sa higtanan v. get to be a spinster. Maáyu pang matigúwang sa higtanan kay sa maminyù nímu, I’d rather be an old maid than marry you. ig-l-(←) n. something used to tie something -in- n. something tied to something hinigtan n. 1. gamecock; 2. something tied up. hinigtag lánut money which is not readily dispensed (lit. tied with abaca fibers). Ang kwarta ni Lúlu hinigtag lánut. Ug muhátag, usa ra giyud ka dakù, Grandfather squeezes his nickels. If he gives anything at all, it’s no more than a penny. paN- n. occupation of raising gamecocks.