Meaning of higpit



a. 1. narrow, for something to be small such that it restricts motion, causes difficulty. Higpit nga dálan, Narrow street. Higpit ang panaptun pára himúung bistída, The cloth is too narrow to make into a dress. Higpit ang ámung balay pára námung tanan, Our house is too small for all of us. 2. strict, holding a tight rein on something Higpit siya sa mga impliyádu, He is very strict with the employees. Higpit kaáyu mupaguwang kwarta, He keeps tight control over his money; 3. be in tight financial circumstances. Higpit ang ílang panimuyù, They live in very tight circumstances. Higpit ang kwarta run. Lisud tang makalún, Money is very tight now. We will have difficulty getting a loan; 4. have a sharp rivalry. Higpit ang indigay sa duha, The two were in sharp competition. Ang higpit kung kaáway sa pulitika, My keen political rival; v. 1. be strict with someone Higpíti ang ímung anak kay dalága ra ba, Be strict with your daughter. She is full grown now; 2. be in a tight financial situation. Kanang wà usbáwig swildu higpítan run sa panimuyù, Whoever didn’t get a raise is going to find life difficult now.