Meaning of hi



n. letter G.



in many forms beginning with hi-, there is a prefix hi- or hiN-. Look also under the form with hi- or hiN- subtracted.



derivative affix forming verbs which occur with the prefixes ma- (na-) and ma-an (na-an, ma-i). All verbs with these affixes may also occur with hi-(→) inserted after the prefixes; 1. referring to an action which happened to take place or which someone did involuntarily. Nahibungat ku ang dílì ángayng isulti, Words I should not have said slipped out of my mouth. Kalit ka man lag tunghà dihà. Nahikurug man lang tag dì tyimpu, My! You gave me a scare appearing like that. I couldn’t help trembling, though there was no occasion to. Nahidam-agan siyag irù ug nahipalingkud sa lápuk, A dog jumped on her and she was knocked down into the mud; 1a. having happened, not necessarily accidentally, but not anyone’s volition. Nahilunà ang balay daplin sa dálan, The house is located next to the road; 2. added after the abstract prefix (pag-) before verbs referring to motion with no meaning other than to elevate the style. Paghiabut níya, When he arrived. Paghibalik níya, When he returned.