Meaning of hi-an(→)



inflectional affix, future and past. (subjunctive hi-i) 1. added to the same bases as the ones to which local passive affixes are added (see -an) with the same meaning except that the action is accidental. Hilingkuran ku ang íyang kálù, I accidentally sat on his hat. Hitagaan kag gása, You might be given a present. Kay unaunahun ka, hihagkan ka lagi, You were so forward, so you got yourself kissed. Higabhian siya, He was overtaken by night; 2. added to bases to refer to the direct recipient of the action accidentally done (when the local passive, -an does not refer to the recipient of the action). Itágù nang suláta básig hibasahan unyà ni Tátay, Hide that letter because Dad might read it. Dágan. Hidakpan unyà ka, Run or you will get caught.