Meaning of hásul



v. 1. bother, give trouble, inconvenience. Muhásul ku nímug kadiyut ha? May I bother you for a moment? Gihásul ku pag-áyu niíning sip-un, I am very much bothered by my cold; 2. bother to do, take the trouble of doing something Naghásul ka pa mag dala ug ságing níay daghan, You have taken the trouble of bringing bananas when we have so many! 3. for a child to be fussy. Naghásul ang bátà kay gibutdag tiyan, The child is fussy because he has an upset stomach; a. entailing a lot of annoyance, bother. Hásul kaáyung adtúun, daghang sakaysákay, It’s a lot of trouble to go there because there’s no direct transportation; a. being a lot of trouble, causing inconvenience; n. — sa katursi 1. World War I. 2. causing very much trouble and bother. Hásul sa katursi ning batáa, This child is a terrible nuisance. ka- n. trouble, annoyance. ma-un a. causing lots of trouble and inconvenience. Mahasúlung mga hangyù, Requests that entail a lot of trouble.