Meaning of hapun



n. 1. Japan; 2. Japanese person; 3. fishing line. isda sa — see súlid. papil nga, sa, di- colored tissue paper. hapunánun n. Japanese citizen. -in- a. 1. in the Japanese way; 2. name given to various methods of fishing introduced by the Japanese; v. speak Japanese, do something the Japanese way. -is Japanese (plural).



n. afternoon, early evening. Bag-ung hápun, Early afternoon. — na it is late (in the afternoon or early evening). Hápun na kaáyu. Adtu na ku, It is already very late. I’m going now; v. 1. get to be afternoon. Nahápun na lang wà pa siya maulì, It was evening already and he still hadn’t come home; 1a. do something in the afternoon. Hapúna ang bunyag, Have the baptism held in the afternoon; 2. do something until afternoon. Maghápun siyag paninda, She is in the store until afternoon; 3. be overtaken by afternoon. Hihapunan ku ug panáud sa bumbilya, Evening overtook me as I was putting up the electric lights. hapunhápun 1. every afternoon; 2. see ginamusginámus, see gamus; v. do something every afternoon. Mahuman nà dáyun ug hapunhapúnun (hapunhapúnan) ku nag trabáhu, It will soon be finished if I work on it every afternoon. hiN-(→) v. 1. do in the afternoon. Naghinghapung kalígù, Swimming in the afternoon; 2. for afternoon to approach. pa-(→), paka-(→) v. stay s.w. until afternoon. Magpahapun ta dinhi, kay ínit pa kaáyug udtu, Let’s wait here until afternoon, because it would be terribly hot at noon. panghi- v. be around afternoon. Muanhi siya, manghiudtu, manghihápun ba, He’ll come here around noon or around afternoon. pani- v. eat supper. Manihápun na ta kay alas utsu na, Let’s eat supper now because it is already eight o’clock; n. supper. -ánun, ka-ánun late in the afternoon. Hapunánun (kahapunánun) nahuman ang iliksiyun, The election was over late in the afternoon. ka-un n. 1. afternoon as a phase of time of day. Ang kaínit sa kahapúnun dumudulut kaáyu, The heat in the afternoon is very penetrating; 2. the late years of one’s life. tig-(→) n. 1. the eve of an important occasion; 2. banquet held on the eve of an occasion; v. 1. hold a banquet on the eve of an occasion; 2. attend the banquet held on the eve. Manighapun ta sa íla, Let’s attend the banquet held on the eve at their house; 3. go s.w. on the day before an event. Manighapun ku sa barku, kay sayung mularga, I’ll go to the boat in the afternoon because it will leave early. -un(→) n. 1. done in the afternoon; 2. palm toddy gathered in the afternoon.