Meaning of hápay



v. 1. for a thick cluster of something long and standing to fall or be bent at its base. Nahápay ang mga humay, The rice plants were bent over; 2. comb someone’s hair flat to the head. Díay pamáda. Hapáya ang íyang buhuk, Here’s some pomade. Comb his hair flat; 3. go bankrupt. Nahápay ang ílang nigusyu kay gigastu man hasta puhúnan, Their business went bankrupt because he spent every penny of it, even the capital; a. 1. bent over flat; 2. for a man’s hair to be neatly groomed flat on the head. -in- n. man’s combed hair; v. 1. comb the hair; 2. be a man (be one who combs his hair flat) (humorous). Bulagi siya. Maáyu mag siya ray naghinápay, Leave him. He’s not the only fish in the sea (lit. the only one who combs his hair flat).