Meaning of hangup



v. 1. embrace or greet with joy, esp. upon arriving. Muhangup ang bátà nákù inig-abut nákù sa balay, The child greets me with joy as soon as I get home. Naghángup dáyun sila sa ílang panagkítà, They immediately rushed into each other’s arms when they saw each other. Ayaw ku hangpa kay gisip-un ku, Don’t embrace me. I have a cold; 2. gi- be affected by the sickness hangup. n. ailment brought on by the spirit of a deceased relative whom one failed to remember with a prayer, mass, or the like; a. affectionate in one’s greeting. Kinasingkásing ug hangup gayud nga pagdáwat, Sincere and joyous reception. -in- v. be pleased by some action. Nahinangup aku sa íyang gibúhat, What he did pleased me. Gikahinangup námù ang ímung sulat, Your letter pleased us. kahinangup n. pleasure at some action. hinalangpun a. welcome. Ang balintayins dí mauy usa ka hinalangpun nga higayun, Valentine’s Day is a welcome occasion. mahinalangpun, mahinangpánun a. with pleasure, enthusiasm. Mahinalangpun kaáyu siyang miúyun sa plánu, He agreed to the plan enthusiastically.