Meaning of hangad



v. 1. look up, turn the head up. Dì ku kahangad kay mitikig ákung líug, I cannot bend my head upwards because I have a stiff neck. Hangda kunu kun náa bay hinug nga búnga, Look up at the tree and see if there are any ripe fruits; 2. depend, rely upon for support, help, etc. Nía kanákù siya maghangad sa íyang adlaw-adlaw nga mga kinahanglanun, He looks to me for all his daily needs; 3. for something usually level to tilt upwards. Naghangad ang sakayan kay nabug-atan sa ulin, The boat has its bow up high because it is loaded down at the stern; 4. look to God in prayer. Ihangad sa lángit ang ímung mga suliran, Bring your problems to the Lord in prayer. paN- v. look upward for a mischievous purpose. Túa siya sa sílung sa hagdan nanghangad samtang nanáug si Pitra, He’s at the foot of the stairs looking up while Petra is coming down. hangdanan n. place which one looks through for a mischievous purpose, e.g. a gap in the flooring. tagi-(←) a. one who is fond of asking for help when he is in need, but keeps to himself when he is in a position to help. Way hinungdan nang mga tawhánang tagihángad kun walà apan tagidúkù kun adúna, Those people are no good because they are quick to ask for help when they need it, but otherwise just keep to themselves. halangdun n. 1. title of respect: honorable. Ang Halangdung Mayur, The Honorable Mayor; 2. royal, occupying a high office.