Meaning of handum



v. 1. recall and think fondly about something memorable, but forever past. Naghandum ku sa ákung kabatan-un, I remember my youth. Handúmun ku ikaw kanúnay, I shall always think of you and remember you with fondness; 2. recall and yearn for something Muhandum ang bátà sa inahan, A child recalls and yearns for its mother. Ngánung nanarútut man ka? Naghandum kang magdaut? Why are you blowing that horn? Do you long to get sick? 3. for something to cross one’s mind, entertain a thought. Wà ku maghandum nga maduktur siya, I never thought that he would become a doctor. Walà kuy ikahandum dautang hunàhúnà níya, Nothing bad has ever crossed my mind; 4. -i think on it, consider! Handúmi kun unsay dangátan nímug wà ku dinhi, Consider what will become of you if I am not here. -anan 1. souvenir. Handumánan ni sa ákung pag-adtu sa Ispanya, This is a souvenir from my visit to Spain; 2. token, symbol of mutual affection. -in- a. word of salutation in letters. Hinandum kung Nína, Dear Nena. -l-un a. memorable; v. become memorable. -l-un(→) n. something which is remembered periodically. Ang Santa Krus halandumun námù káda tris di Máyu, We remember to perform the prayers of the Holy Cross every May 3.