Meaning of haluk



n. kiss, sniff, putting the nose next to the person kissed; v. 1. kiss. Nagháluk sila sa ngitngit, They kissed in the dark. Gihagkan (gihadkan, gihawkan) níya ang bátà, She kissed the child. Ayawg ihawuk nang bahù nímung bàbà nákù, Don’t kiss me with your smelly mouth! 2. drop by s.w. briefly. Ígù ra siyang mihaluk sa ámù, He dropped by our house for only a short time; 3. do something on a short and insignificant scale. Gihalukan lang ni Pidru ang sawug. Walà tiwasag lampásu, Pedro just touched the floor for a while. He did not really polish all of it. halukháluk v. 1. sniff. Naghalukháluk ang irù sa ákung tiil, mu rag akuy íyang ámu, The dog sniffed my feet as if I were his master; 2. do something lightly and intermittently. hagkanan n. something in a place, traditionally kissed by people who come to the place for the first time; v. go s.w. to kiss something as part of tradition.