Meaning of halu



n. monitor lizard. a acting nonchalant yet ready to seize every opportunity, no matter who might get hurt (like the monitor lizard who stays immobile waiting to seize a prey). Ayawg sálig níya kay háwu kaáyu nà sa babáyi, Don’t trust him because he is dangerous to women.



a. fitting loosely; v. fit loosely in. Naghalù ang lansang kay dakù ang bangag, The nail was loose because the hole was too big. Naghalù ang sapátus sa íyang tiil, The shoes fit her feet too loosely.



v. mix things together in a liquid. Halúa ang tahup ug kinagud lubi, Mix corn husks and shredded coconut in water. halùhálù n. 1. kind of fruit cocktail made up of grated ice, milk, sugar and several kind of fruit cut to pieces or grated; 2. be a mixture of several things. Halùhálù ang íyang sinultihan. May Ininsik, may Binisayà, may Ininglis, She speaks a mixture of languages all at once: Chinese, Visayan, and English; v. make, make into halùhálù. panghalùhálù v. go s.w. to eat halùhálù. -in- n. a weapon made from an egg shell which has been emptied of its contents through a small hole into which a mixture of various itchy plants (from land or water) has been put and then resealed.