Meaning of hakut



n. kind of large, black ant which inflicts a painful sting, usually found on coconut trees.



v. carry or haul something in several trips. Muhákut siyag túbig sa mga silíngan, He fetches water for the neighbors. Dyip mauy naghákut sa mga táwu sa simbahan, A jeep took the people to the church in several trips. Hakúta nang mga batu ngadtu sa gardin, Take those stones to the garden; n. 1. amount taken in one haul; 2. action of hauling. Usa ka hákut diyis písus, It is ten pesos per truckful or ten pesos each trip. -anan n. 1. place where something one hauls is obtained; 2. place where things are hauled; 3. something used in hauling things. -un(→), -únun n. things to be hauled.