Meaning of habwà, habwas

habwà, habwas


v. 1. remove something from a place, esp. from a container without tipping it. Habwáa ang kargamintu sa trák, Take the cargo out of the truck. Bagul lay ihabwà sa túbig, Use a coconut shell to bail the water out; 2. — ang kináun v. cause to vomit (remove what one ate from his stomach). Habwáun (ihabwà) giyud ang átung kináun ug musakay tas barku ug tinghangin, You surely will vomit if you sail in stormy weather; 3. go away from s.w. in large numbers. Nahabwà ming tanan ngadtu sa lungsud dihang may naghuramintádu, We left the village and took refuge in town when someone ran amok. Nahabwaan na mi sa balay, Only a few of us are left at home.